No Mercy No Malice  

Each week, bestselling author and business professor Scott Galloway shares his take on success and relationships in a digital economy.

Unprecedented Times & High Standards 

Professor Scott Galloway tackles a variety of content that attracts intellectual viewers and demands high quality production in order to compliment, and not detract from, the content. Given that the premier of the show was to occur the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic, traditional studios and control rooms were not an option.

VCC’s Solution: 

VCC's HAT & Call Acquisition proved to be opportune solutions. Allowing VICE to capitalize on reliable, high quality smartphone and lap-top based single camera remotes with two-way video and mixed minus IFB audios, Professor Scott Galaway brings in the guests he wants to reach, without compromising production standards. Utilizing VCC's HAT platform, VICE producers are able to bring in multiple simultaneous feeds and switch the show in real time, further taking advantage of VCC's production tools for real-time monitoring and direct IFB to talent.

Get in Touch for Remote Live Production

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