Weekend Gossip Teaser

This weekend in celebrity news:

Khloe Kardashian gets slammed for being too skinny. Are people being unnecessarily harsh because Khloe’s trademark is being a thick woman, or she really just too thin?

Caitlyn Jenner is spotted with a mystery man. Is she finally dating!?

The Beehive is being accused of hacking Becky with the good hair‘s google and iCloud account. Did they do it? LAPD are investigating. 

In Taylor Swift news, Brittney Spears sends some serious shade when she says in an interview that she’s “never met Taylor before”, totally ignoring the photographic evidence of the pair meeting in 2008 at the VMA’s. Whoops. Sounds like Brittney Spears has the same memory as Mariah, who also casually forgets meeting other powerhouses (J-Lo, who?). 

Lea Michele poses nude to declare her self love and acceptance to the world. Lea, who hasn’t had the easiest run these past couple of years after the tragic death of her longterm boyfriend, looks great and sounds great. Keep it up, Lea.  

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